уторак, 16. август 2011.

Gabriele Brunsch: Escape

© by Pero Vaslić
(for Miroslav Dusanic)

I hear
the progress of time,
on the rise,
loud sometimes, other times quiet
slowly-slowly, limping
contracts are
lightly-jumping, prancing
then hop,
fool me -

they bring me a mirror, shattered shards
past scraps
Editor sequences
bright-dark, wild pulses through,
changing quickly - stark picture of the lived

I put my shirt on the body
and feel her cold skin of ice on my
then I open the window ...
and the blue of the sky I'm
memory blank
a being of light ...

© by Gabriele Brunsch

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Vaslić Pero је рекао...

Мирославе,пуно поздрава теби и твојима из Темерина који ових дана нема тако ватрене заласке као на овој слици :)