понедељак, 18. јун 2012.

John Montague: Tracks

© by Fadil Latifović - Tito: Skulptura

The vast bedroom
a hall of air,
our linked bodies
lying there.

As I turn to kiss
your long, black
hair, small breasts,
heat flares from
your fragrant skin,
your eyes widen as
deeper, more certain
and often, I enter
to search possession
of where your being
hides in flesh.

Behind our eyelids
a landscape opens,
a violet horizon
pilgrims labour across,
a sky of colours
that change, explode
a fantail of stars
the mental lightning
of sex illuminating
the walls of the skull;
a floating pleasure dome.

John Montague

© by Fadil Latifović - Tito: Skulptura

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