четвртак, 26. јул 2012.

C. D. Wright: Flame

© by Marnie Crawford Samuelson: Carolyn D. Wright 


the breath                 the trees                 the bridge

the road                    the rainthe sheen

the breath                 the line the skin

the vineyard              the fences              the leg

the water                   the breath              the shift

the hair the wheels   the shoulder

the breath                 the lane                  the streak

the lining                  the hour                 the reasons

the name                  the distance            the breath

the scent                   the dogs                 the blear

the lungs                   the breath               the glove

the signal                  the turn                   the need

the steps                   the lights                 the door

the mouth                  the tongue              the eyes

the burn                     the burned              the burning

C. D. Wright

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