уторак, 21. август 2012.

Taha Muhammad Ali: So What. New and Selected Poems, 1971-2005 (Arabic Edition)

ISBN: 1556592450
Abd el-Hadi Fights a Superpower

In his life
he neither wrote nor read.
In his life he
didn’t cut down a single tree,
didn’t slit the throat
of a single calf.
In his life he did not speak
of the New York Times
behind its back,
didn’t raise
his voice to a soul
except in his saying:
“Come in, please,
by God, you can’t refuse.”


Nevertheless —
his case is hopeless,
his situation
His God-given rights are a grain of salt
tossed into the sea.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury:
about his enemies
my client knows not a thing.

Taha Muhammad Ali

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