среда, 28. новембар 2012.

Poetry in a Global Box: Federal Republic of Nigeria

Just Like in the Horror Films

Just like in the horror films
when the character realises that the telephone calls
are blaring from within the house

so too, I discovered
that our passionate over-doting
has been playing itself only within me.

All that tenderness, the kisses and dates—
it’s just been me ringing myself
then picking up the call in another room

to find nobody on the other end,
except, sometimes a scaring chuckling
but most of the time, silence.

To know that all this while—
which would include the jolly rides,
the hobby hugs, and all the gifts—

it’s been only me and a couple of phones,
this one on the corner at the attic
and the other in the cobwebbed spare room downstairs.

Ismail Bala

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