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Poetry in a Global Box: Jamhuri ya Uganda (Republic of Uganda)

Susan N. Kiguli
ISBN: 9970901001
I am tired of talking in metaphors

I will talk plainly
Because I am moved to abandon riddles.
I will tell you how we held our heads
In our hands
Because the owl hooted throughout the night
And the dogs howled as if in mourning:
We awaited bad news
We received it
Our mother blinded in one eye
Crippled in the right leg
Because she did not vote
Her husband‘s candidate.
I will remind you
Of the time the peeled plantains
Stood upright in the cooking pot
We slaughtered a cock
Anticipating an important visitor
We got her:
Our daughter – pieces of flesh in a sack –
Our present from her husband.
No, I will not use images
I will just talk to you:
I do not fight to take your place
Or constantly wave my fist in your face.
I refuse to argue about
Your „manly pact“
With my father –
Buying me for a bag of potatoes and pepper.
All I want
Is to stop denying Me
My presence needs no metaphors,
I am here
Just as you are.
I am not a machine
For you to dismantle whenever you whim
I demand for my human dignity.

Susan N. Kiguli

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